OC Media

Husband + wife videography and photography team based in Colorado, rooted in making visible the call of every human being "to encounter another in a real way." The OC in OC Media stands for oculi cordis which, in Latin, translates to "the eyes of the heart." 


Keenan and Brianna Fitzpatrick once showed up to a wedding empty-handed, with only their camera in tow, and decided to capture the day in a real, memorable way. Hours of footage and editing later, they presented their first wedding video as a gift to the couple, and the response let fall the Holy Spirit. Brianna and Keenan felt the pull to share their talent, and their husband-and-wife photography and videography business was born.

From Keenan + Brianna:

We call OC Media a ministry because we believe it is a tool and gift God has given to us to express to others the beauty that exists in their life--a beauty that is an undeniable gift from their Creator. We desire to convey this by engaging in others' lives through relationship and by capturing moments that will hopefully be constant reminders of the giftedness of this life!

When we take clients, we are not just contracting a job with them; we want to get to know the individuals beforehand and continue that relationship after their session. This, we believe, is the call of every human being: to encounter another in a real way.

Our job and privilege is to enlighten others hearts through our eyes and your own. To be enlightened means having greater knowledge of and understanding of something. We hope that you are enlightened by the work we do, to not only see just photography or videography, but to see the beauty, truth, and goodness behind every shot, and in every video. May it open the eyes of your heart!