Month-of wedding to long-term wedding planning services in the Washington, D.C. area, including timeline creation, vendor communication, and access to Aisle Planner, from a certified wedding planner and Catholic. Bilingual and specializing in--but not limited to--Latino couples who desire a wedding that reflects their unique faith heritage.

Wedding Wire rated; Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Awards 2016

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A lifelong over of the Catholic faith and of her native Hispanic culture, Esme Krahn channeled her college event coordination experience into wedding planning the first few times she assisted with Hispanic Catholic weddings, and was awakened to a God-given gift. Esme earned her wedding planning certification through Weddings Beautiful Worldwide and transitioned her career into full-time wedding coordination and design.

Esme's specialty is guiding Latin American couples in honoring the traditions of their heritage, through a nuptial Mass and reception that reflect the customs and rich culture of their families’ home countries. Latin America is a traditionally Catholic region with a uniquely exuberant sensibility when it comes to worship, dress, music, and other aspects of any celebration. Esme’s ability to transform these celebratory aspects into something visible and beautiful draws guests into the the heart of God.

From Esme: 

No couple is alike, so I with each of my couples I meet to identify each person’s main priorities and overall goals for their wedding day. My couples and I are a team where everyone has responsibilities and decisions to make.

My couples can trust 100% that I will troubleshoot any day-of issues and execute their plans as agreed. Each wedding is accompanied by a prayer for their life as a couple and for our team's abilities to shine and perform flawlessly.