Blithe and Blue Design

Designer and business-owner Emily Tate first created custom stationery and wedding day decor for her own wedding in 2016, in an effort to fulfill her vision for beauty and maintain an affordable budget. As she and her husband prepared to start a family, Emily transitioned her skills and interests into a professional business. Now, Blithe and Blue Design provides the same customization and affordability to brides and grooms in an accommodating, flexible, and organized partnership. Blithe and Blue offers invitation designs nationwide and wedding day decor local to Washington, DC and surrounding areas.


Blithe and Blue Design has a special focus on meaningful relationships; Emily desires to share an intimate wedding day vision with her clients in order to create the beautiful environment of their dreams. Emily’s favorite part of her work is helping a bride bring a design vision to reality through personalized stationary and decor pieces. 

Beyond her creative work with brides and grooms, Emily cultivates the most meaningful relationships with her husband and children while working from home. Her Catholic faith guides her relationships, both at home and through her work. In every dimension of her life, Emily serves with a heart of service and a love for God’s design of marriage and family life.

 From Emily:

“I have been married myself for 3 years now, and I have two children. My babies inspire my work! My son, Ezra, is 17 months, and my daughter, Miriam, is 3 months old. Although I studied to be an occupational therapist in college, I started my business after graduating in order to be able to stay home and raise my children. I knew I wanted to supplement my husband's income while still staying home with my babies. My business has been perfect for that.”