Chari Films

Highlight-length, Short Film, or Feature-length wedding videography, based in New York City. Serving NYC, New Jersey, and Connecticut.


While still in high school, Justo Diaz began taking filmmaking courses and developed a love for the craft. On through young adulthood and a full-time job, his interest persisted. A reversion to the Catholic faith he was raised with brought a constant question to the forefront: how would you like for me to serve you, Jesus?

Justo’s love for filmmaking was reignited as prayer led him to a desire to use his gifts in service of the Church. He began shooting video for events with the Archdiocese of New York , and in 2019, quit his job to pursue videography full time.

A deep love for the Catholic faith and reverence for the sacrament of marriage infuses Chari Films’ work. A husband himself, Justo views his business as a true ministry and call, seeking to be a servant to his clients as he captures God’s glory on their wedding days.

From Justo:

My Catholic faith…allows me to be vulnerable with my clients—my brothers and sisters in Christ who are about to embark on a new journey together. It allows me to always begin and end our conversations with prayer, calling upon the Holy Spirit to remain with us as we discuss all of the plans for a given wedding.

It helps us to remain in the same Spirit, and allows for us to trust in the Spirit to guide every conversation. My formation brings much peace because my clients can trust that I truly understand the significance of the sacrament and are able to be themselves with me. My faith formation is the greatest value I have to offer my clients and has been the pillar of my business.