As a wife, nurse, and certified Creighton practitioner, Sarah McKeown empowers women and teaches Natural Family Planning with several insightful perspectives. The Miami-based business offers in-person and long-distance teaching and follow ups.

Featured in: The Florida Catholic Newspaper


Sarah pursued a degree and career as a nurse, yet she was called to become a certified Natural Family Planning instructor. The fruits of saying “yes” to this calling include an enthusiasm and passion for God’s plan for marriage and fertility. FertilityCare is a means to promote the free, total, faithful, and fruitful union God calls every bride and groom to on their wedding day. 

FertilityCare is marriage-centered, empowering, and insightful. Sarah’s relationship with clients is focused on bringing freedom into their marriage and eliminating fears and insecurities surrounding procreation, birth control, and fertility. Through their own experiences with Creighton, Sarah and her husband are approachable and experienced advocates for Natural Family Planning. 

From Sarah: 

“I love teaching people about the beauty of their fertility, the way God created women's bodies, and how we are called to live our marital sexuality in a responsible and generous way.”