Indy FertilityCare

In-person and virtual childbirth education from a certified Creighton FertilityCare practitioner and Birth Boot Camp educator with a Masters in Theology. Serving Zionsville, Indiana with in-person courses, and worldwide through online instruction.


Liz Escoffery first learned NFP—specifically, the Creighton FertilityCare Model—during her engagement. “The more I learned,” she says, “the more I became passionate about the science and information I was learning about my body and gained a new appreciation for the Church's teachings on marriage and sexuality.” By her first anniversary, Liz had become a trained Creighton practitioner and continued her education in fertility awareness as it relates to Catholic couples, earning a Masters degree in Theology and certification in childbirth education.

Indy FertilityCare specializes in serving Catholic expectant couples, new parents navigating postpartum fertility awareness, and couples expecting after experiencing infertility or loss through the Creighton Model and Birth Boot Camp courses. Instruction is available in person or virtually.

From Liz:

I have found many ways to make the virtual learning experience just as enjoyable [as in-person education]. I love to see both the man and woman form a team in their efforts to begin charting their fertility and help my clients to get connected with holistic medical providers in their area to support them and their long-term health. I offer evening and weekend appointment times in addition to weekday spots to help even busy, working professionals to be able to fit this into their schedules. I make myself available for e-mail and phone support between appointments and am available for my clients' questions. Engagement is a really good time to learn NFP!

My family encourages me to be my best at work. They are so wonderful and supportive of me. I am also inspired by my clients: those who have faced devastating side effects as the result of being on hormonal birth control previously. Those who have used NFP their entire marriages. Those who have converted to the Catholic faith and find themselves using NFP for the first time after feeling their family is "complete". Those experiencing high risk pregnancies or miscarriages and finding the courage to try again. Those who are living (and struggling) with chastity before or during marriage. I learn so much from each of my clients and am enriched by them!