Have you fallen in love? This community is for you. But it's not just any love we're talking about. The Spoken Bride is a romantic--alight with anticipation for her wedding day, but she knows the foremost romance in life is a divine one. It shapes her entire identity: she knows she is worthy, beautiful, dignified, simply because she is. She is a fiancée, best friend, sister, bride, and helpmate to heaven.  Beauty pierces her heart and draws her into the sacred. She wants not only her wedding, but her marriage to reflect this in every way: through awe-inspiring liturgy, decor, and photographs, each infused, above all, with the radiant beauty only made manifest in sincere holiness. No matter her past, she has a love for all that is pure. She desires nothing more or less than to make a complete gift of herself. She chases fearlessly after virtue, knowing excellence is the path to true freedom, and freedom is for love.  Deeply, profoundly, she is in love.

We're here to spark something. To showcase wedding inspiration that fixes our eyes on the beauty of the Creator. To offer a resource for finding vendors who not only have a wealth of talent for their craft, but who are on fire for the sacrament of marriage. To help you plan for the biggest day of your life, yes, but also for a lifetime; a marriage free, faithful, total, and fruitful in every sense. To be a witness, galvanizing the culture with the goodness, truth, and beauty of Catholic marriage. We're here for you, in community and sisterhood, and we are ultimately here to walk alongside you in living out authentic love between man and wife. The kind of love that makes people stop and take notice. The kind that's set apart because it transcends this world.


Spoken Bride took root in a string of Instagram comments between Jiza, Stephanie and photographer Elissa Voss during the summer of 2015. They began a conversation about the deep need for community and connection among Catholic wedding vendors and the brides they work with, and for a resource that provides visually gorgeous wedding inspiration made all the more beautiful by a holy liturgy and Christ-like love. That same summer, Andi--a past collaborator with Stephanie--wrote on Instagram that one of Jiza's posts spoke to her heart, and the name for this ministry was born.   

The Holy Spirit took over, Andi and Stephanie reconnected a few months later, and Andi joined the team in the spring of 2016. Larabeth, Mariah, Stephanie Fries, Mary, and Tasha came on board in 2018.

Spoken Bride launched in May 2016 in honor of Our Lady, the purest, most radiant bride. We ask her intercession and the prayers of Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin, the parents of St. Therese of Lisieux and the first married saints from modern times.

Jiza Zito - Creative Director & Co-Founder


Jiza is a national wedding photographer and the owner of Olive & Cypress. Her love for capturing the uniqueness and worth of the human person through art is rooted in an understanding that, just as each of us is loved and willed into existence, creation is intentional. After interning at the Theology of the Body Institute, Jiza and her husband married on August 15, 2009 with a Solemn High Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form and currently have four children. Her photography and design work have been featured in several wedding and event publications, including Radiant Magazine & San Diego Style Weddings Magazine.

jiza@spokenbride.com | @oliveandcypress






Stephanie Calis - Editor in Chief & Co-Founder

Stephanie is the author of the book Invited: The Ultimate Catholic Wedding Planner, a #1 Amazon bestseller in Weddings, and the blog Captive the Heart. A former full-time speaker, she seeks to engage the culture with the truth of authentic, sacrificial love by meeting people where they are and meeting them in matters of the heart. Stephanie married her husband in 2011 on a 105 degree day, and they are certified Natural Family Planning teachers who specialize in introducing couples to Pope St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body. They have three children.

stephanie@spokenbride.com | @stephmariecalis


Andi Compton - Director of Business Development

Andi is the owner of Now That's a Party, a national wedding and event planning business based in San Diego. Combining years of professional event coordination with a passion for helping couples truly enter into the sacrament of marriage, Andi's work is set apart by her custom timelines and planning tips tailored to Catholic brides. She and her husband received a nuptial blessing from Pope Benedict XVI on their honeymoon in 2007, and are parents of four.  Andi's work has been featured online at 100 Layer Cake and Aisle Planner, and in print in San Diego Style Weddings Magazine. 

andi@spokenbride.com | @nowthatsaparty


Carissa Pluta - Editor at Large


Carissa is a freelance writer and blogger at The Myth Retold. She has Bachelor’s Degrees in English and Communication Arts from Franciscan University and has a deep desire to create and cultivate beauty in everything she does. Carissa and her husband (a domestic missionary) were married in 2016, and currently live in Birmingham, AL with their daughter. 

carissa@spokenbride.com | @carissa_pluta


Mariah Maza - Features Editor

Mariah is a newlywed, recent college grad, and co-founder of her blog for bookish and creative Catholic women, Joans in the Desert. She resides with her Army National Guard husband in her beloved home state of Arizona, where she is a client advocate for moms who visit the local pregnancy center and a nanny to two beautiful children. She has written and worked for the past year with the pro-life organization Voices for the Voiceless, even travelling with them as a journalist to shoot the Voices Docuseries: West. She is passionate about theology, literature, and the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that is so uniquely present in the sacrament of marriage. She married her high school sweetheart on December 30, 2017 during the octave of Christmas, and strives to live true Marian virtues and embody JPII’s “feminine genius.”

mariah@spokenbride.com | @joansinthedesert


Stephanie Fries - Associate Editor


Stephanie desires to share in and build up communities of people who love, are loved, pursue vocation without fear, and shine the light of Christ throughout the world. Despite her natural instinct to approach life with her head and intellect, Stephanie’s teaching experiences with young children was transformative in bringing her heart into her faith, relationships, and discernment. Learning about the Theology of the Body and praying with the saints have been beautiful and enriching resources in her continued formation. Stephanie and her husband were married in 2018 and they currently reside in Japan.

stephanie_f@spokenbride.com | @steph.m.fries


Mary Wilmot - Social Media Manager


Mary graduated from Franciscan University in 2010 with bachelor’s degree in theology and communication arts. She continued her studies at the International Theological Institute near Vienna, Austria, earning a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Studies. Mary spent five years as a parish coordinator of children’s religious education, where she planned programs such as First Holy Communion and religious education. She and her husband live in Texas and homeschool their children.

mary@spokenbride.com | @merrywill


Tasha Johnson - Administrative Assistant


Tasha has been inspired with a love for the sheer goodness and mystery of man’s relationships with God, family, and community. Her studies of linguistics, as well as her work in web development for the Center for Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas also fostered a passion for the beauty of language and design. After graduating, she served as a college campus missionary with Saint Paul’s Outreach. She is currently pursuing full-time graduate studies for her master’s in Theology at the Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity.

tasha@spokenbride.com | @yosoytashajoy


Danielle Rother - Pinterest Manager

Danielle Rother.jpg

Danielle is a newlywed and resides with her husband in Minnesota where she works as a freelance graphic designer – particularly designing content for Catholic organizations and institutions. She grew up in sunny Florida and graduated from the University of Tampa with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts. From there she moved to Minnesota to pursue a master’s degree in Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas. She graduated from St. Thomas in 2016 and was engaged the following year. Danielle and her husband fell in love with the Traditional Latin Mass during their courtship and they were married on August 4, 2017, with a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form. The couple has a devotion to Bl. Karl and Zita of Austria to intercede for them in the daily life of their marriage.

danielle@spokenbride.com | @danielleduet