Faith-Inspired Gifts for Flower Girls + Ring Bearers



A lovely, thoughtful wedding tradition is to give each member of your wedding party a small gift thanking them for their support during your engagement and for all the ways they are contributing to your special day. Remember to include the littlest members! Here are some kid-approved ideas to wow your junior bridesmaids and groomsmen, flower girls, and ring bearers:

Fr. Leopold Lego Mass Set
Alright, let's be honest. You might also want to pick one of these up for yourself or anyone in the wedding party who loves both Lego and the Catholic faith.

Dear Pope Francis Book
In this, the first children's book ever written by a Pope, the Holy Father patiently and lovingly answers questions from children around the world. 

Charmant Littles Tees
These modern little shirts make the tiniest saints among us look tres charmant! IMAGE: c/o Charmant Littles

B.C. Inspirations Rosary
Wooden Rosaries stand the test of time, particularly with little ones who are learning to be gentle with holy objects.

You can also buy or make rosary bracelets for your bridesmaids, and we even know of couples who've made rosaries, by hand and in their wedding colors, for each of their guests.

Prayer Pillowcases
Give your little guys something to snuggle with as they go to sleep, saying a comforting prayer.

Angel of God Printable

Angel of God Printable

Angel of God Printable Prayer

Surround your favorite little ones in prayer! Bible quote prints are also wonderful and widely available, or make them yourself. IMAGE: c/o Just Love Prints

Mass Kit
This is one of my kids' favorite toys. Children learn through play--it's hard to think of a better way for them to learn about the Mass than getting to touch and use items found on the altar. Plus, who couldn't love a plush and squishy little thurible?

Brother Francis DVDs
We LOVE Brother Francis! The show presents the faith in a way relatable to kids and helps them see the depth of God's love for them. There are 12 DVDs in the series as well as coloring books and CDs, so you'll never run out of birthday or Christmas gifts!

Saint Medal Bows
Don't forget a little something for the babies!

The Little Rose Shop Saint Dolls
Pick their patron saint, or a favorite saint of yours, and give them a sweet little friend to have adventures with. IMAGE: c/o The Little Rose Shop

We also suggest...

...a tote bag or backpack filled with activities to keep them busy during the reception. Our faves are colored pencils (crayons melt and markers stain), coloring books, simple prepackaged snacks (stay away from anything with chocolate), and small, quiet toys.

...making your flower girls and ring bearers a quilt, toy, or anything by hand. I'm a bit obsessed with painting peg dolls. Can I suggest painting them like saints, movie or book characters, or even like the kids themselves? them a coupon for a fun evening out with you and your new husband after the wedding. Movie dates, mini golf, bowling, an afternoon at the beach, or a day at an amusement park would be a great way to spend quality time with them after the wedding is over.

And finally, you can really surprise their families by helping pay for children in the wedding party's attire, shoes, or accessories.

We'd love to add your ideas to this list! Are you planning to give gifts to the children in your wedding party? And do you have any creative gifts from other weddings to share?

About the Author: Andi Compton is Spoken Bride's Business Director. She is the owner of Now That's a Party where she coordinates weddings, fundraising galas, and social events. Read more