Merry Christmas from Spoken Bride

As we join our families and loved ones on this Christmas Day, we receive the gift of most Holy Family; the most perfect mother, the most chaste spouse, and the most obedient child.

PHOTOGRAPHY:    An Endless Pursuit

PHOTOGRAPHY: An Endless Pursuit

“Only through family does life escape exhaustion and weariness by discovering its duality to be trinity, by seeing its love continually reborn and re-known, by having its mutual self-giving transformed into receiving. Love thus defeats death, as it defeats exhaustion. It achieves a kind of immortality as self-renewal becomes self-preservation.

The family is human society; mutual self-giving, which ends in self-perfection.” - Three to Get Married

May the Nativity of Christ fill your hearts with a fulfillment of joy and a light to guide your path through the coming year. Know of the blessing you are to this community and of our prayers for you and yours.