Vendor Spotlight | Visual Grace

In one of his early Theology of the Body audiences, Saint John Paul II called attention to the profound wholeness--the integration, resulting in true integrity--of the human person: “When the first man exclaims at the sight of the woman, ‘she is flesh from my flesh and bone from my bones’ (Gen 2:23), he simply affirms the human identity of both. By exclaiming this, he seems to say, Look, a body that expresses the ‘person’ can also say that this ‘body’ reveals the ‘living soul,’ which man became when God-Yahweh breathed life into him (see Gen 2:7).”

Even in our fallen world outside of Eden, on this side of heaven, sacred art can powerfully redirect our attentions to the fullness and purity of who we are, through works that glorify the body and stir the soul. Kate Capato, a professional sacred art painter, dancer, choreographer, and photographer founded Visual Grace with the goal of sharing ”artistic expressions of truth goodness and beauty.”

A world traveler and former missionary based in Pennsylvania (and shooting weddings worldwide), Kate’s artistic talents are visibly informed by her love for and understanding of encounter: a desire to truly see and acknowledge each person, made in the Father’s image. With wedding photography in particular, Kate deeply values getting to know her clients’ relationship and personalities, the better to capture their story on their wedding day.

What’s more, her many artistic gifts beautifully influence and complement each other: “Because I am a painter,” Kate says, “I love looking at photography in a similar way by paying close attention to colors and composition when snapping an image.” Together, all the parts of an image add up to an outer, sacramental expression of our inner life, inspiring “the restoration of who we are as Man and Woman.”

From Kate: Due to my experience with mission work and passion for the faith, I have a comfortability with people and a deep awareness of the Sacredness. Many folks say they are very grateful for the reverence I show during a wedding ceremony, though for me it is something very normal to who I am. I also love getting couples to be themselves so will do my very best to learn about their relationship that it may blossom and show.  

An interview with Kate

What inspires your work? How does your Catholic faith play a role in your business? As a professional sacred art painter, I am inspired to create painterly images with meaning in photographs as well. I look for key spiritual moments, even if just simple, and do my best to show them off, as there are so many aspects to life that speak of God’s goodness.

Favorite devotions: Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint John Paul II, both artists and lovers of beauty. JPII plays a special role in my work due to his teaching on Theology of the Body and his love of the arts. Our Lady of Guadalupe is quite present in my life as well, a mother of the Americas and an artist in so many ways. Not to mention a witness of profound love and openness. I could go on all day about the two of them.

My favorite thing about working on weddings: I love seeing the bride and groom in this moment of great joy. It is a blessing to get a front row seat and see how the Holy Spirit moves in their lives.

Ministries I’m involved with: The Culture Project, a nonprofit initiative whose mission is to “uphold the dignity and potential of every human person, especially in regard to our sexuality.” 

3 things on my bucket list: Sky dive, ride an elephant, travel to and paint in many different countries!

Favorite place I’ve traveled: Cinque Terra, Italy. It is a beautiful hiking experience that overlooks the sea and brings you into the cute, tiny Italian villages. Every step is breathtaking, not to mention the wine is phenomenal.

Favorite food: Indian

Love means: to will the good of the other.