Vendor Spotlight | Red Fern Photography

How incredible that God himself is a master craftsman, creating each and every human person so uniquely and making his diving love visible in the physical, embodied nature of men and women. And when this profound beauty of our human nature is captured with an artist’s eye, we see it all the more clearly.

Rebecca Fougerousse, a fine artist trained in painting and art history, combined her love for art with her professional experience in project management to start her photography business, Red Fern Photography. To her surprise, what started as a side job intended as a simple creative outlet soon became a labor of love. “Little did I know,” shares Rebecca, “that I would discover a hidden love for people and their stories.”

Rebecca’s artistic background is evident in her soft, dreamy images. Inspired by the aesthetic of classical painters like Mary Cassatt and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, as well as the muted tones of film photography (she shoots both film and digital), Rebecca strives to be intentional about image composition and capture a natural softness in her couples’ poses. That natural sensibility translates to true emotion--another reminder that we are made for total integration of body and soul, for the exterior to reflect the interior.

From Rebecca: My personality is laid back, so my clients never feel pressured or stressed, but I understand the importance of timelines and details, so I'm happy to help my clients make sure that we get the most beautiful photos that we can on their day. My aesthetic is inspired by [painting]. But my clients inspire the story.

Through the years I've meet so many different kinds of couples, but they all share the same passion to commit themselves to each other through marriage. Catholic weddings in particular move me, because, as a married Catholic, I understand the gravity and the beauty of the sacrament they are entering. The start of a new family, of two becoming one, is such an inspirational part of weddings for me and makes them my favorite thing to photograph!