How He Asked | Jessica + Chris

After many years together, Jessica and Chris took the next exciting step towards marriage. With Christ as their foundation, they patiently prepared to become one flesh.

In Jessica’s Words: Chris and I have been together since we were sixteen. We were both brought up to consider Christ as a close friend, and we introduced each other to how Jesus had uniquely worked and loved within each of our hearts.

After a ride up a ski lift, Chris proposed to me on a beautiful October afternoon on top of Hunter Mountain in the Catskills. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to say “yes!”

I was happy and grateful that when he proposed, my family surrounded us and celebrated our beautiful moment with us together. The next day, I was very blessed to wake up early and attend Mass with my new fiancè.

Praying together for the first time as an engaged couple proved to be a valuable foundation for our marriage preparation. We decided to set a date two years away so we could plan at our own pace, and this decision proved to be an important part in our journey.

We were still learning how to present ourselves to God and others as one. A book that helped us to practice this and guided us through a God-centered engagement is Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love by Dr. Edward Sri.

Even though my wedding day is months away, what I look forward to most is the people I love helping me celebrate our Mass through reading the Scriptures and bringing up the gifts.

I also am eagerly anticipating the moment that I receive the Eucharist for the first time as a wife with her husband.

Photography: Alicia King Photography | Engagement Location: Wings Castle, Millbrook, NY