How He Asked | Bianca + Vitor

Bianca met Vitor soon after his conversion to the faith. Although Vitor says it was “love at first sight” for him, Biance needed time and prayer to decide if she wanted to be in a relationship.

It was time apart well spent, because she soon began to have feelings for Vitor and an attraction to the path of sanctification through marriage.

Their story continued, together and apart. And then it culminated in front of the Eiffel Tower on a trip to Rome, where Vitor asked Bianca to be his wife.

In Bianca’s Words: Vitor and I met at a parish in Rio de Janeiro through mutual friends. I was engaged in pastoral activities at the time and reflecting on my inner life and vocation. He had recently returned from a retreat and was determined to convert to the Catholic faith. The moment he saw me, he said it was love at first sight.

After Vitor approached me, we began to have more frequent contact until he asked to make it official. But I ended up moving away, because I wasn't thinking about a relationship at the time, and due to external interference, I felt a little pressured. We continued as friends.

He had some difficult moments after I moved away, but Vitor gave his whole heart to God. In the meantime, I discerned my path and began to see marriage as my means of sanctification.

A year and a half later we approached each other in a different way. After a sincere conversation, I was able to understand more about what was going on with him, and we were able to get to know each other better.

It was indeed God’s providence that united two hearts seeking his will, and I realized that I began to feel the same as Vitor was feeling for me.

It was close to Lent in 2015 when we decided to see each other more and pray together. After this, Vitor talked to my parents and asked me, officially, to date. That was April 8, 2015. In that same year we discovered a path of sanctification in the midst of ordinary life inspired by the way of Saint Josemaría Escrivá. This organization is known as Opus Dei. That transformed our lives and our relationship.

We went through many moments of joy and difficulty that made us stronger. And in 2016, we mutually ended our relationship, to improve ourselves separately. That wasn't easy, but we were determined to put God in the center of our lives, fighting for and relying on his will.

We quickly realized that we wanted to walk the path to sainthood together. So Vitor, very affectionate as always, again made the request to date me in front of the sanctuary of our parish. We began to receive more intense formation through the prelature of Opus Dei. Together, we grew in a life of piety, and we became closer friends, always talking about everything and dreaming about our marriage.

Last year, during March 2018, we had the grace to spend Holy Week in Rome for the UNIV Congress. We went with a group from Brazil to participate in academic activities and celebrations with the Pope.

Our flight to Rome had a connection in Paris, France. As soon as we arrived in Paris, Vitor and I visited the Sacre-Coeur Basilica, and then we went to visit the Eiffel Tower. He had already prepared everything for this moment. He had talked with my parents, asked for their blessing, and we had talked with his parents and our spiritual director, who blessed the wedding rings.

He was also nervous, since that moment represented a new, great, and beautiful stage of our life together. I realized he was acting different, but I thought it was because of the excitement of the trip, with many new things happening at once.

We spent some time around the Eiffel Tower, talked a lot, and took photos. When I suggested we leave, he wanted to ask someone to take a picture of us, because we were only taking "selfies".

We asked a girl to take a photo of us in front of the tower, when Vitor suddenly asked to get gloves in his backpack because he was cold. He crouched down, put his backpack on the ground, and removed the box with the ring. He knelt in front of me and asked, "Bianca Dantas Quevedo, will you marry me?" I felt an explosion of feelings while the girl continued to photograph everything.

Vitor asked me to marry him on March 20, 2018.

We always talked about marriage, and we were preparing ourselves for it, but the time of the proposal was special and a complete surprise. We were both very excited and happy. I said "yes" with all the conviction of my heart.

The proposal was a beautiful start to our trip. We went on to spend Holy Week in Rome, thanking God and asking that his will always be done in our lives.

We are getting married on January 4, 2020, and ask for everyone’s prayers! Vitor always had a desire and a certainty in his heart: to marry, to build a large family and to be close to God. So we want to build a large family and a bright and cheerful home.

Vitor and I realize that God gives a special grace to this new phase. He makes us stronger, more determined, and matures us to embrace the great mission of marriage.


Photography: A Friend | Location: Eiffel Tower, Paris | Rings: Monte Carlo (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)