Tips for Couples Not Immediately Taking a Honeymoon



Two days after our wedding, my husband and I were on a plane heading to Florida. Not for some tourist site or as a quick stop on our way to a exotic destination but for his job training.

We spent a month in a college dorm room (with two twin beds pushed together for those of you wondering). We ate cafeteria food most nights, with the rare evening out at one of the two other restaurants on campus. We spent hours each day in a training with 500 strangers and were constantly on the lookout for alligators as we walked across campus in the hot sun.

It wasn’t exactly my dream honeymoon.

For various reasons—work schedule or finances—not every couple can take a honeymoon following the wedding day. And at the time we made our plans, I didn’t even realize how much I would desire one.

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to enjoy the early days with your new spouse, be it from home or from alligator-infested swamp-lands:

Let the Wedding Dust Settle

You may be tempted to finish up those wedding wrap-up items in the first few days after the wedding. But once your family and friends leave and the gifts are opened, make sure you take some time to decompress.

You just spent months of planning and preparation leading up to your big day, it is okay to wait a bit before sending those thank you cards out. Instead, use that time to get settled in your new home and life together.

Spend Intentional Time Together

The Honeymoon phase isn’t exclusive to couples who take a honeymoon immediately following a wedding. And thankfully, you don’t have to be in a tropical paradise to spend intentional time with your new spouse.

There are so many ways for you to spend quality time together, even on a budget. Consider taking a Staycation or plan a unique date night.

Get Off Social Media

Whether you are skipping the honeymoon all together or waiting for your time to come, viewing the curated snapshots of other’s lives will not make that time any easier for you. If you are prone to comparison (especially if you are getting married during the height of wedding/honeymoon season), it’s best to stay off social media for a few days.

Plus, freeing yourself of screens for a few days will help that time you are spending with your new husband even more intentional and fruitful.

Enjoy Building Your Life Together

After months (or maybe years) of waiting, you and your Beloved are finally husband and wife! It’s an exciting time and the reality of that isn’t dissolved because a honeymoon doesn’t immediately follow.

Open up those wedding gifts and get settled into your newly shared space. Allow yourselves time to create routines and ease into the new liturgy that is your daily life. Enjoy a slow morning over coffee or a glass of wine as you cuddle in the evening, and allow yourself to marvel at the life you are building with your spouse.

About the Author: Carissa Pluta is Spoken Bride’s Editor at Large. She is the author of the blog The Myth Retold. Read more