Evan Kristiansen Photography

Timeless photography serving the Boston and New England areas and available for travel, specializing in Catholic clients. With a great hope in sacramental marriage, Evan sees love as "making a complete and unreserved gift of yourself to the other."


With 15 years’ photography experience, including 6 years of shooting weddings, Evan is a seasoned pro who consistently discovers a sense of comfort and fast friendship with his Catholic clients--through communication and a shared faith, he finds they share common goals and boundaries with their photography and is inspired by their witness:

Evan strives to build genuine relationships with brides and grooms so when he looks through the lens, he not only sees the aesthetic of the day but, most importantly, he sees their hearts and captures the intimacy on camera. Evan’s knowledge of the Mass, God and the sacrament of marriage informs his creative decisions as a photographer. 

From Evan: 

My work is inspired by the couples I see getting married. The hope in the institution of marriage, the church, and in God that they display when they're at the altar on their wedding day is nothing short of miraculous, and stands in stark contrast to the culture around them.