BEBEATI Catholic Jewelry

A business specializing in Catholic-inspired jewelry, dedicated to fostering faith, charity, and evangelization through the beauty of handcrafted products. Most pieces can be shipped worldwide.


Siggy Evertz has been making jewelry since she was a young girl, borrowing tools from her father’s ironworks shop to to dismantle and put back together anything that “dangled and sparkled.” Her jewelry-making business, however, didn’t begin until much later, after working in the corporate world.

What started as a fun distraction to deal with life’s challenges would eventually become her full-time job. Using her web development skills, Siggy created a website and began to showcase and sell her work.

She is Catholic revert who began in the secular jewelry-making business. After her reversion, Siggy reoriented her business to focus on Catholic jewelry. Her desire is to provide brides with a Catholic source for bridal gifts and jewelry.

From Siggy:

God and everything that he creates: beaches, landscapes, the sky, flowers—everything related to his creation—inspires me and the jewelry I create. When I’m inspired to create something new, I pray about it. Ultimately, my Catholic faith is the source of my business and the center of my life. BEBEATI is a fruit of my reversion.

The vow [is my favorite part of the wedding day]. Knowing that I contribute a small part to the sacrament of marriage through my work becomes something I can offer to God. My “work of human hands.” “Every one to whom much is given, of him will much be required" (Luke 12:48).