Chelsea Sliwa Photography

Emotive, vibrant, and timeless photography, based in Dallas and available for national and international travel.


After months of longing for light, beauty, truth, and goodness in her corporate job, Chelsea Sliwa made the leap into art and creativity for the first time. She purchased an entry-level camera, and not long after beginning to shoot landscapes and her recently engaged friends.

“Almost immediately,” she says, “it became abundantly clear to me that this was what I was called to. Before then, I had never been a ‘creative’ before, or done anything outside the well-planned steps of going to college, getting a good job, and saving money. As I…allowed [God] to free me from my fears and reservations, I could see more of his goodness in my life and in the world…Once I made the decision to begin, things just all started working out. For me, this was confirmation from the Holy Spirit that I had found a vocation.”

A Catholic bride herself, Chelsea brings fresh, first-person understanding to her clients needs, prays for her couples in her daily Rosary, and strives to capture distinctively Catholic details on their wedding days.

From Chelsea:

I have always loved serving people in meaningful ways; and what is more meaningful than a person's wedding day? I took a spiritual gifts inventory recently and all of my gifts had something to do with service: Giving, Hospitality, Teaching, & Encouragement.

It truly is such a rewarding experience for me to serve a couple and preserve their memories for generations to come. I have a very deep love for the Theology of the Body and know that a couple's love for one another is the foundation of our society. I believe that strong couples, and thus strong families, can change the world we live in.