Kirsten Ann Photography

Wisconsin-based photography seeking to capture “beauty and authentic joy,” serving the Madison area.


Originally a full-time engineer, Kirsten Gord’s marriage to her husband, Joe, and the growth of their family prompted her to consider a new career path that would allow flexibility for staying home with their children.

Pursuing a career in professional photography stood out as an ideal opportunity, not only because of the autonomy it provides her family, but also because it supports her love language of quality time. Kirsten enters deeply into the experience of documenting a wedding day and cherishes the time to reflect on the joyful moments captured in photographs, striving for authentic relationships with her couples as a source of support, encouragement, and inspiration throughout the wedding planning process.

From Kirsten: 

Everything I believe about the human person, the dignity of life, the relationships between man and woman, the role of husband and wife, and the importance of families is rooted in my Catholic faith.

I believe there is so much beauty and grace in the sacrament of marriage.  I love being able to encourage couples to embrace all the grace God has in store for them, which will empower them to bear any crosses that come their way—both in their lives and in their marriage.