Madeleine Deighan Photography

Classic, romantic, intimate wedding photography shot on digital and film serving the Virgina, Maryland, DC areas, and available for travel. 


Madeleine shot her first wedding for her brother in 2012 using borrowed equipment. During her sophomore year of college, her parents bought her a Canon Rebel SL1 which only fueled her love for photography. Madeleine started to become known as the photographer among her peers. In 2015, she was asked by her friends to photograph their wedding day and the rest is history!

Madeleine has always been drawn to beauty hopes to weave the simple moments and small details that make up the wedding day into a story that couple can cherish forever. She desires to remind the couple and their families of the blessings and the love that surrounds them, and ultimately hopes to use her gift to bring others close to Christ and His Truth.

From Madeleine:

Weddings are a time of joyous celebration, they are goodness, they are the fruits of an entire community who has raised two individuals and are now coming together to partake in a feast that foreshadows the larger wedding feast to come. Through my capturing the Sacrament of Marriage, I hope that I can draw in others to its beauty and sanctity and ultimately glorify God and His creation in a way that speaks to even those who are not practicing Catholics.

I absolutely love it when a bride is very detail oriented and enthusiastic about planning her dream wedding, but I also love how Catholic couples/interfaith couples getting married in the Church have their eyes focused primarily on God.