Organic Conceptions, Inc.

Research-based emotional support and empowerment for couples experiencing infertility. New-England based, with online programs available nationwide and internationally.

Featured on: Billings Ovulation Method USA (BOMA), Cycle Power Summit


Marc Sherman and his wife Erin struggled to conceive for nearly a decade of their marriage. With all glory to God, they are now parents, yet their personal journey illuminated a deep need: while science and medicine offer a wealth of physical support, where were emotional and psychological resources for spouses experiencing infertility?

Marc and Erin set out to meet this need, working with certified psychologists to produce qualitative and quantitative research pertaining to husbands and wives’ individual and interpersonal experiences of infertility. With their findings, they created a program designed to develop couples’ emotional awareness, communication, healthy thought patterns, and understanding of the holistic relationship between mind and body.

Organic Conceptions was established in 2015 and offers its programs nationally and internationally through online education; the organization also partners with NaPro medical professionals and fertility awareness practitioners around the U.S.

From Marc:

We know that after couples get married, they will then move towards building a family. Even though our message might be a bit premature, we would love to help educate couples on resources that are available if they have run into challenges conceiving. If we can help to empower couples so they are emotionally well, connected, and making good decisions that honor their faith, then we are doing our job!

We are helping couples deal with a very traumatic and emotional time in their life. We are able to release couples from the pain and uncertainty that they face. This is so rewarding…and that inspires us to keep moving forward.

We have witnessed too many couples that lose track of life, their marriage, and their spiritual compass as they press forward looking to find a fix. Our faith and mission are to change this and to help bring hope, inspiration, and guidance to the millions of couples who are struggling to build their families.