Spoken Bride Vendors | Spotlight, Vol. 5

Are you recently engaged and ready to book your wedding vendors? Newly married or attending a wedding, and in search of gifts that affirm the vocation to marriage?

We are proud to serve you through the Spoken Bride Vendor Guide, the first online resource for distinctively Catholic wedding vendors: hand-selected professionals from around the U.S. with not only an abundance of talent, but a reverence and passion for the sacrament of marriage that brings a uniquely personal, prayerful dimension to their client experiences.

From photographers and videographers who understand how to capture the most significant moments of your nuptial Mass, to coordinators who understand the needs of Catholic couples, artists whose jewelry, stationery, and prints become enduring keepsakes long after your wedding day, clinical and theological experts in the fields of fertility and relationships, and beyond, Spoken Bride Vendors view their work as a call and find deep joy in putting their talents at the service of the Lord.

What’s more, our vendors are truly engaging and fun. With a range of stories, hobbies, and devotions, it’s our privilege to share who they are and connect them with their ideal clients--you, faithful Catholic couples who are energized by working with like-minded, prayerful individuals. Each month, we’ll be introducing, or re-introducing, you to members of Spoken Bride’s vendor community, and we encourage you to learn more through their full vendor listings.

Our Vendors for This Month (click to jump):

Karly Jo Photography

Midwest Region

Karly Schafer grew up watching her father photograph as a hobby. She first learned film photography from him and it quickly developed into a hobby of her own. Eventually, she attended photography school and transitioned into a new career as a wedding photographer. Karly Jo Photography has been capturing significant moments between brides and grooms for eleven years. “I always try to imagine myself at the feast of Cana. I imagine myself as a servent listening to Mary say, ‘Do as he tells you.’”

What is your favorite memory of your wedding day?: Sitting at the head table, sipping wine feeling so happy and content as I looked at all of my best friends and family there with me in celebration.

What ministries are you involved in?: Raising 4 children and volunteering at their Catholic School.

What is your favorite place you have traveled?: I've been so lucky to travel and really try to take as many trips as possible. As a child we traveled with our horses around the country and Canada. As a single person, I've traveled to Europe a few times and lived in Italy as I worked as a nanny. Now as a mother, I enjoy traveling with my kids but it's different. We have been to Mexico twice with them and it is probably our favorite place to go. I also love traveling in Wisconsin... Door County and the Northwoods have my heart.

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Kassondra Design

Lincoln/Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding areas

Kassie Christensen has a longstanding professional background in graphic design and has more recently included photography into her business platform. From collaborating with clients to owning her own business, her work is her passion, a gift from God and a personal source of energy and joy. “I also love becoming friends with the couple and I strive to make their day less stressful and more joyful. Capturing their memories is so special for me!”

What are your favorite saints or devotions?: I love St. Therese and her simple ways. I also love St. Tarcisius and his love for the Eucharist. St. Anthony is my best friend and St. John Paul the II, well, need I say more?! I could go on all day because I have a lot of favorite saints!

What is your favorite memory of your wedding day?: I loved after communion while my groom and I were kneeling, our cantor sang "How Beautiful" and it really just hit me. The sacrament, the gift Christ gave us, how we are called to love like Him. Our wedding day was so full of love and joy and family.

Do you root for any professional sports teams?: I am a HUGE Kansas Jayhawks basketball fan. My Grandpa worked there and my grandma has season tickets, and my whole family loves it.

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Paint Art Live

Gulf Coast counties and available for travel nationwide

Artist Jessa Pippin has always been called to create through her artistic gifts. As a Catholic artist, she recognizes every stroke of her paintbrush is an opportunity for intentional devotion and prayer. Jessa brings this prayers approach to her work when she collaborates with brides and grooms on their wedding day, “Not only am I creating a painting for these new couples, but I am devoting a prayer in every stroke as I create it for them. I pray for their future and for their vows and other special intentions they may ask of me when we first have a consultation.”

What are three things on your bucket list?: I would like walk at least the last 100 miles of the Camino de Santiago, open my own art studio and have a second baby!

What is your favorite place you have traveled?: Key West Florida. The sunsets were incredible!

What does love mean?: Love is an unconditional devotion above riches and poverty and sickness and health. It is absolute and endless and knows no bounds.

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The Little Flower Company

Nebraska, Southern South Dakota, Western Iowa, and Northern Kansas

Katrina Polk has built her business around her Catholic faith and flowers. Though a small business, she aspires to make a big impact through the beautiful presentation of flowers on a wedding day, especially through the bridal bouquet. She fulfills her professional calling to floral design with passion, joy, and gratitude, “When I am setting up the day of a Catholic wedding I love spending time in the church & thanking God for my job. I truly love what I do & none of this would be possible without Him.”

What is your favorite memory of your wedding day?: My favorite moment was seeing my husband for the first time while walking down the aisle. All the craziness of the day just melted away. I also enjoyed when the photographer pulled my husband and I away from everyone at the reception to take sunset pictures. It was nice to take a step away & enjoy each other in that moment!

What are your favorite books, movies, or music?: The Notebook because it's so stinking cute and still makes me cry. I am not too picky with movies and music, I just don't care for horror movies or country music.

How do you take your coffee?: Black or iced with a little soy milk.

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