Fenix Photography, Design, & Events

Emotive, vibrant, adventurous wedding photography by a Virginia-based couple with a passion for destination weddings.


Maria W. and her fiancé Dayton are the faces behind Fenix Photography, Design, and Events. They both have pursued numerous creative outlets but fell in love with photography: they loved that they could bring the best emotive moments out of couples, and then edit them in a vibrant and colorful way.

The motto of Fenix Photography, Design, and Events is "God writes the story... we just document it." As photographers, Maria and Dayton believe their job is to capture the deepest form of love that God can bestow on two people. They desire to build friendships with their clients through the wedding planning process and help them fully enjoy their special day. 

From Maria and Dayton:

Photography is not point-and-click or copying Pinterest poses; it's about creating an environment where you can capture your client's best self, and creatively capturing authentic moments that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. 

We do our best to help our couples keep perspective throughout the wedding planning that even though all of the wedding details are very important, ultimately the joining of them in marriage is the most important part of the day.