Handmaid Home

Custom wedding quilts and bridal party gifts, handmade in North Dakota and available for nationwide shipping.


Kathleen Causapin learned to sew over a decade ago and quickly found a passion. She began selling handmade bags and later learned the art of quilting: “once I discovered [it],” she says, “I was hooked!”

Quilts are a longtime traditional gift for life’s milestones that take on an heirloom quality as they add beauty and practicality to a couple’s life together. Handmaid Home specializes in custom quilts and cosmetics bags (an ideal bridesmaid gift!), offering clients a choice of colors, fabrics, and the date. What’s more, Kathleen’s pieces are infused with prayer: “The last step of making a quilt,” she says, “is to sew on the binding. I do this by hand while praying the rosary specifically for the recipients, their intentions, and their lives together.”

From Kathleen:

So much love, time, and effort goes into planning and executing a wedding. I see a quilt as a tangible reminder of that special day; an item with the unique ability to travel with the couple as they enter into the day-to-day life of marriage.