Risa Fertility & Wellness

Risa Fertility & Wellness teaches women to avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally with a simple, proven method. Based in Kentucky, with nationwide services available through online coaching.

Featured on: Blessed Is She, Verily Magazine


Johnna Wilford’s authentic passion for women’s health and fitness preceded her knowledge of Natural Family Planning. Learning about NFP inspired stronger communication in her marriage and a deeper devotion to her Catholic faith. Consequently, her scope of holistic wellness education quickly expanded; Johnna pursued NFP certification and includes fertility coaching in her holistic business model.

Through women’s wellness coaching, Johnna’s mission focuses on helping women grow in their physical wellness, spiritual strength, and self-image. Her programming involves in-person and online resources, from group fitness classes to workout and recipe plans. Johnna brings her Catholic faith and a unique background in anthropology to her collaboration with women. 

From Johnna: 

The ability to help a woman improve her health--thus improving her life--is what inspires me. I believe that the Catholic Church is the only place where women can get a true, good, and beautiful view of themselves, so that's what I want to bring to my wellness business.