Ashley Eileen Floral Design

Serving Denver, Colorado and the surrounding area with a humble, service-based approach to the client experience, Ashley Krupp creates personalized floral designs and journeys with couples in a prayerful way in preparation for their wedding. 


Throughout her life, Ashley has been inspired by art, beauty and flowers. She began to hear a whisper of her call to floral design while selecting the flowers for her grandfather’s funeral with her family. The intimate experience of working together to create an intentional environment for a significant day was something Ashley yearned to do in her professional life. She took her first floral design class in 2013 and began working both on weddings and in flower shops to further her professional career. She launched Ashely Eileen Floral Design in January 2019. 

Ashley recognizes flowers are not necessary for someone to get married. Yet she also affirms how flowers are a visual reflection of the gratuitous beauty and love of God, received through the sacrament of marriage. The beauty of flowers on a wedding day invite the bride, groom and wedding guests more deeply into the sacramental reality of a shared life in Christ. 

From Ashley: 

“I’m often moved by beauty, whether it’s our beautiful mountain views in Colorado, which still take me by surprise even as a CO native, a huge moon rising in the east or something less aesthetic, like a heartfelt story/movie, certain songs, or someone stopping to talk to a homeless person and treat them with dignity. I think beauty is a gift from God that allows us to know him on a deeper level because it cuts straight to our hearts. Beauty is a subtle starting point to share his goodness and truth with others who might not know Him otherwise.”