Quiet Light Creations

With a devotion to the Blessed Mother, a heart for sharing the rosary, and a passion for creating tangible devotions to Saints, Catholic creative Angela Marinelli offers thoughtful gifts through Quiet Light Creations. Nationwide and worldwide shipping.

Featured on: The Young Catholic Woman


Angela has been making rosaries as gifts for friends and family for over ten years. While making and praying the rosary one day, she was inspired to share her gift in a new way. Quiet Light Creations began as her platform to create and share the love of and for Our Lady in a greater capacity. Angela’s collaboration with weddings is always from afar, but she is honored to contribute to a couple’s sacrament by offering “something blue,” a special devotion to a saint, or a meaningful gift. 

Her designs feature a complex dynamic between color, texture, and symbolism to represent a saint’s story, virtue, and identity. Beyond the careful curation, each rosary is prayed over and every recipient is prayed for throughout the design and creation process. 

From Angela: 

“The name of my shop was very intentional. A quiet light is easily overlooked, but once it catches your eye and you pause for a minute to think, it makes you wonder. The quiet light of the tabernacle candle points to someone so much greater just like the quiet light that Our Blessed Mother embodies points to someone so much greater. The simplicity draws you into the mystery of faith without the temptations of being known or being acknowledged for our good works.

I hope my shop will share the message that we are all striving saints, we are not perfect, and the trap of comparison even in holiness is not what we are meant for. I hope to share my faith authentically and simply.”