Laurentina Photography + Video

Vibrant, film-inspired videography combining documentary-style elements with candid, authentic moments. Based in Washington, D.C. and available for national and international travel. Also available for photography.

Featured on: ISO ALTDaily Dog Tag, and Always Creating Studio.


Nearly ten years ago, Laura Kuah was working as an art gallery assistant when she learned how to use a DSLR camera to photograph exhibits and artists at different events. It didn’t take long for her to realize God was calling her to a new adventure. She eventually took a step of faith and began her business, Laurentina Photography. One step led to the next and by 2018, Laura was working full-time as a photographer and videographer. 

Laura describes her work as candid, which is defined as being “marked by honest sincere expression.” Not only does this describe the style of her documentary-photography, but it also captures the essence of Laura’s faith in her professional career. She receives each opportunity with sincere trust in God’s providence, confident in the journey he provides. Her own love of storytelling and traveling enhance her ability to accompany couples through the adventure of their vocation though her role behind the camera. 

From Laura: 

“I consider my work my vocation and take it seriously. This world is sending messages, especially to women, telling them they are not worthy of love—when in fact, we are all worthy of love because of Christ.

I like to say the relationships we have with each other as one human family remind us we are all on the same journey and that our lives have deep, intrinsic value. And because of that, I am always interested in documenting weddings from all cultures and walks of life... our God is a creative God and I love seeing his image reflected in his creation.”