Michelle Arnold Paine

Custom oil and watercolor paintings of your wedding church or venue, available for shipping nationwide and worldwide. 


A trained fine artist with an MFA in painting, Michelle Paine creates paintings and prints of sacred architecture, Our Lady, and the human form. Her career as a professional artist originated in a reaction to beauty around Italy, through sacred art, and in an encounter with Christ. The story of her Catholic faith cannot be separated from her story as an artist, and she continues to share her evolving journey by creating original work. 

Michelle offers paintings of sacred architecture on commission for marriages and anniversaries. Sacred architecture, both abstract and realistic, has been a theme of her gallery art and commissioned art for over a decade. Her work, as well as her creative process, is contemplative, expressive and layered. 

From Michelle: 

“I create paintings in oil or watercolor which capture the beauty of the wedding venue. Couples work so hard to find that perfect place to join their lives together: I enable them to take it home. I love that I am participating in a life event and creating something that will last as an heirloom of that short day.”