Our Lady's Armory

Rosaries, chaplets and medals--handcrafted from chain, cord, and vintage-inspired designs--available to ship nationwide and worldwide. 


When Nick Jobe proposed marriage to his beloved, Elizabeth, he gave her a handmade rosary. After she said yes, Nick realized he had a desire to build more rosaries with an intentional appeal to masculine strength and valor. Through Our Lady’s Armory, he strives to offer sacramentals and gifts to affirm and empower men in their spiritual lives. 

Our Lady’s Armory equips Catholics with custom sacraments and reminders to live out the faith. Rosaries and cufflinks, built for me, can be curated to highlight special saints or specific devotions. With grooms, fathers and wedding parties in mind, Nick works with his clients to select or create an intentional and meaningful gift. 

From Nick: 

“I have been drawn especially to the idea of Maximilian Kolbe's "Militia Immaculata" as something to which all the faithful are called, especially Catholic men. I see my role as the "Quartermaster" of Our Lady's Armory, which means I help outfit  soldiers for their spiritual service to Our Lady.”