Spoken Bride Vendors | Spotlight, Vol. 4

Are you recently engaged and ready to book your wedding vendors? Newly married or attending a wedding, and in search of gifts that affirm the vocation to marriage?

We are proud to serve you through the Spoken Bride Vendor Guide, the first online resource for distinctively Catholic wedding vendors: hand-selected professionals from around the U.S. with not only an abundance of talent, but a reverence and passion for the sacrament of marriage that brings a uniquely personal, prayerful dimension to their client experiences.

From photographers and videographers who understand how to capture the most significant moments of your nuptial Mass, to coordinators who understand the needs of Catholic couples, artists whose jewelry, stationery, and prints become enduring keepsakes long after your wedding day, clinical and theological experts in the fields of fertility and relationships, and beyond, Spoken Bride Vendors view their work as a call and find deep joy in putting their talents at the service of the Lord.

What’s more, our vendors are truly engaging and fun. With a range of stories, hobbies, and devotions, it’s our privilege to share who they are and connect them with their ideal clients--you, faithful Catholic couples who are energized by working with like-minded, prayerful individuals. Each month, we’ll be introducing, or re-introducing, you to members of Spoken Bride’s vendor community, and we encourage you to learn more through their full vendor listings.

Our Vendors for This Month:

Beauty of the Soul Studio

Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC

Emily Ott’s passion for photography began as a curiosity, grew as a side hustle, and developed into the full-time vocation. She desires to uphold the value and sanctity of marriage in her marriage, her profession, and her relationships with clients. “After a few years working under another photographer, I decided to officially launch my own business in order to cater more specifically to the couples in my area searching for someone who appreciates the true value of their wedding day beyond portolio-building moments, and knows what it's like to be on the other side of the wedding day.”

What is your favorite place where you have traveled?: My honeymoon was an incredible 9 day trip to Italy. The first half of our trip was to Rome, which was incredible enough with all of the Church history, beautiful landmarks, and even participating in the "Sposi Novelli" newlywed blessing at the Wednesday papal audience. But my favorite place was the second half of our trip, to the tiny island off the coast of Naples called Ischia. We stayed in a medieval castle, functioning as part tourist attraction (with restored rooms, chapels, and gardens) and part hotel in the renovated section that had previously been a monastery. We had a room with an incredible view, never had a bad meal, and enjoyed the warm Mediterranean air!

What are your favorite saints or devotions?: My husband and I chose St. Michael the Archangel as a patron of our relationship while we were dating, and have continued a devotion to him into our marriage. I'm particularly fond of the Divine Mercy Chaplet as well—it was an integral part of my prayer life particularly during my dating years in college. I also owe much of my spiritual conversion to Eucharistic Adoration and try to go as often as I can.

What is your favorite food?: I'm a sucker for pizza. I'm particularly a fan of authentic Italian pizza (three trips to Italy in the last three years will spoil you like that) with its soft, dusty crust and authentic tomato flavor... but I'll also take a slice of hot delivery pizza. And yes, I am #TeamPineapple - no shame here!

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Lauren Emily Photography

Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia

Lauren Noa and her husband frequently relocate due to their commitment with the Navy. Despite new homes and communities, Lauren’s faith, love, and vocation to wedding photography remain the same. “My faith fuels my love of art and beauty, my family inspires my work ethic and encourages my business adventures, and my husband is my biggest support system and shows me the love and joy that helps to breathe life into my photography. I really do believe that photography can be a form of service and an opportunity to show Christ's love and peace to families and couples especially on their wedding day.”

What is your favorite moment of your wedding day?: My absolute favorite moment of the day was walking down the aisle and locking eyes with my husband-to-be. I thought my heart was going to fly out of me. There really isn't a better feeling! We had been dating for over six years by the time he had graduated and we were legally allowed to marry, so we got married just a few days after. Those were some of the longest few days! My second favorite was standing in front of our parish's statue of Mary while my sister and best friend sand the Ave Maria. That was the only time I cried that whole day!

What are your favorite books, movies, and music?: The Lord of the Rings definitely is at the top of the list, for both books and movies. But I have too many favorites to mention! For music, I love most anything acapella, some country, and I am really falling in love with Broadway Musicals...currently Bandstand is a favorite.

What are three things on your bucket list?: I would love to travel to every state to photograph a wedding. I want to have at least four happy, healthy, and faithful kids. I want to travel Europe to photograph all the pretty people at all of the historical things and take part in at least one pilgrimage (probably to Lourdes) while I was there.

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Wild Grace Therapy

Miami, Florida or Serving Clients Nationwide through Online Virtual Sessions

Marriage and family therapist Melissa Tablada prioritizes her faith first, followed by family. Her personal priorities influence her professional philosophy. “Theology of the Body is a huge inspiration for my work, as well as the married saints such as St. Anne & St. Joachim, Mary & St. Joseph, St. Zélie & St. Louis. My faith plays a role in my business because my faith is the foundation of everything in my life. The way that I can best serve my clients is when we bring faith into the therapy room and allow the Holy Spirit to be present and active our sessions. God leads all of my life, my work is absolutely included in that.” The intersection between faith and professional therapy is where Melissa serves the world and strengthens marriages, the foundation of society.

Do you root for any professional sports teams?: Miami Heat & Miami Dolphins because I married a Miami man who loves his teams.

What ministries are you involved with?: I am involved in Fiat Marriage Community, Respect Life, Gesu Couples Group, Better with Betsy, St. Augustine Young Adult Group, and I serve as a Eucharistic Minister

What does love mean to you?: Love means that we desire the absolute good for the other person. We can love more fully by seeing the way God does, serving those around us, and choosing to love even on the days we don't really feel like it.

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Kirsten Ann Photography

Madison, Wisconsin

Kirsten Gord refined her photography skills into a full-time business in order to serve her family as a stay-at-home wife and mother. “Everything I believe about the human person, the dignity of life, the relationships between man and woman, the role of husband and wife, and the importance of families is rooted in my Catholic faith. Therefore, the way I treat others, the way I view beauty, and the way I present my work are all framed by these Catholic understandings.” Kirsten’s value for beautiful photography and the depth of her spiritual life form her mission as a Catholic wedding photographer.

What are three things on your bucket list?: Hike around the Norwegian fjords with my husband. (I got to do this once after graduating college, but I really want to have this experience with him!) Make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The Camino de Santiago and/or visit the homeland of one of my favorite saints (Lisieux, Poland, etc.).

What is your favorite memory of your wedding day?: Wow, this is hard. If I had to be more specific, I would say making our vows was my favorite, for two reasons. One, because it was the moment when we entered into a covenant with each other before God, promising to love one another faithfully for all our days. Two, because Joe could barely get through it! He is a mega-crier, so he was sobbing through all the vows. It was so sweet!

What ministries are you involved with?: Currently, I am mostly involved in local Catholic mom's groups. However, while I was in college, I was very involved in the campus ministry at St. Thomas Aquinas (at Purdue University - "Boiler Catholics"). I attended, then staffed, then co-chaired a staff for the Boiler Awakening Retreat. I also co-founded and led the Catholic Women's Group, which is still going strong on campus today!

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