Lauren Emily Photography

Natural, joyful, and bright wedding photography, founded in Florida and serving Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia.


Lauren and her husband have traveled the country following his work with the US Navy; fortunately, her work has been able to travel with her. As a wedding photographer, Lauren has established a skill set and network of support which allows her to transition between moves with professional consistency. She wakes up each day with love for the work she does and the people she serves.

Her role as a photographer on a wedding day puts her in a position to be a friend: documenting significant moments, offering a smile in a moment of stress, and providing a supportive hand in the midst of a busy day. Her professional work and personal character are both grounded in her heart for selfless service and authentic relationship. With such an approach, Lauren yearns to not only share in the joy of a wedding day, but also encourage brides and grooms to recognize the deep beauty of the Sacrament of Marriage. 

From Lauren:

My faith fuels my love of art and beauty, my family inspires my work ethic and encourages my business adventures, and my husband is my biggest support system. He shows me the love and joy that breathes life into my photography.

I really do believe photography can be a form of service and an opportunity to show Christ's love and peace to families and couples—especially on their wedding days.